Plumbing emergencies can be both a disaster and a nightmare. Other than the inconvenience it can cause to you, plumbing problem is also disastrous to your finances. Professional plumbing services in Bunbury can be expensive, that is why you have to be constantly aware of signs your plumbing system is giving out before it blown out into a huge trouble. Waking up in the middle of the night and discover that your basement becomes a quagmire of smelly sewage is no fun. Aside from the mess, this kind of plumber horror can make a major dent in your savings.

Here are simple plumbing hacks you can do to avoid plumbing nightmare:

  1. Do routine check-up. Preventive maintenance is always the key to avoid more severe plumbing problems. By doing routine check-up you can detect the problem early before it balloons into a disaster. Regularly checking your toilets and sink for small leaks will help a lot in preventing serious plumbing problem.
  2. You can test toilet leakage by putting red food coloring to the toilet tank and then observe after few hours. If the water in the toilet turns red, it means that water is leaking from the tank. If this happens you should consider replacing the tank ball.
  3. Have your faucet aerator removed and cleaned at least once a year to make sure the even flow of water.
  4. Use cold water when running your garbage disposal and avoid using corrosive drain cleaners.
  5. Avoid clogging up your garbage disposal. Don’t dispose large quantity of stuffs and things like bones or corn husks on you garbage disposal. Use trash or compost pit instead.
  6. Never douse cooking oil and other forms of fats in your kitchen sink, especially during winter for the obvious reason that liquid fats becomes solid in a cold temperature. Solidified fats can clog your pipes.
  7. If you’re not at home for a long period of time, make sure that you shut off your water main to avoid damage in a case that your pipe leaks while you’re not at home.
  8. Place a strainer on bathtub drains to serve as catch basin for hair and soap chips. Make sure to remove and clean the strainer regularly.
  9. Monitor your water bill closely. An unexpected increase in your water bill is an indication that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. It is wise to have a professional plumber in Bunbury to check what is wrong to your plumbing system.
  10. Look out for the brown stuff. If the water in your tub or sink is starting to appear brownish or yellowish, you need your to pipe checked by a plumber. The brownish or yellowish water indicates that the rust is already eating already your pipes. Pipe replacement might be necessary on cases like this.