If you are beer lover having your own beer growlers have great many benefits. For those you who are not familiar with it, a beer growler is specially designed vessel or container used for transporting beer without reducing the beer quality. It is an air-tight jug commonly made of ceramic, stainless steel or a glass.

So, here’s why having your own beer growlers is extremely awesome.

  1. Growlers are the easiest way to transport draft beer. You want to bring your favourite draft beer somewhere without damaging its quality? Beer growler is the best and easiest way to do that. Growlers are amazingly convenient to carry. Despite of its different shapes and sizes most growlers have handles to accommodate easy transport. Even they are full of your draft beer, they are not too heavy to carry by hand and being air-tight the beer inside will stay fresh even when transported.
  2. Best for showcasing your homebrew. If you are into homebrewing, showcasing your homebrewed beer to you friends are family can be quite tricky. Of course, you can simply bottle your homebrew but where’s the joy to that? Bringing your homebrewed beer to a party can be more classy and fun if you put it on a personalized beer growler. Putting your homebrew in a beer growler is more ideal if you prefer kegging. So, if you want to share your latest brew to a friend’s party filling up growlers is the best way to showcase your produce without ruining the quality.
  3. Most convenient way in tapping a new keg. If you are a bartender or hosting a party, beer growler can be your best ally in making sure that the beer keeps flowing. Growler will enable you to tap a new keg without stopping the flow of service. Just simply put the remaining beer into one or more growlers when a keg is beginning to get low, this ensures that beer keeps flowing while tapping a new keg.
  4. Best for bringing home beer from brewery. Most local brewery will allow you to bring beer outside the brewery. If you want share the allure of your new find beer from a local brewery you can fill your beer growler and bring it home to have your friend taste it too. However, you have to remember that not all brewery will let you fill your growler some may have strict rules regarding it. So, make sure that you have advanced information about filling beer growlers in their brewery.