There are so many air conditioning repair company available for hire in Perth area. When it comes to hiring a company to repair your air conditioning system there is no storage in number, the only problem is in choosing who is the best and the most reliable among them. Who should we hire? Should we trust the advertisement we see of ads? Should we trust the referral of a friend? To give you a quick guide of in hiring a reliable air conditioner repair company we compiled these 5 tips.

  1. They are licensed and insured.

A licensed and insured air conditioning repairs Perth is one of the indicator that the company is a legitimate business not a ‘fly-by-night’ one who don’t have compunction of scamming you. A company who takes time, effort and money to be licensed and insured mean serious business. To be licensed air conditioning technician have to train and take continuing education in latest technology, tools, methods and practices in repairing and installing HVAC system. If the company you hire is both licensed and insured you have a strong chance of hiring a reliable and skilled air conditioning technician.

  1. They have good reputation.

Do your homework and research for testimonials and reviews. You may look on the internet for the review and testimonials or ask their previous customers about the quality of service they received. A reputable air conditioning repair company would have a testimonial or two. If you can’t find any review or testimonial on the company, you have to be wary of them. Normally, you cannot find a review or testimonial on business because of the two reasons. First, if they are relatively new and second, they don’t have a good review and client’s experience is not worth sharing to the world. Whichever category they fall, you don’t want to do anything with them. A very new company may not have enough experience to handle the problem, and the second case, is obviously not worth the risk.

  1. Don’t be tricked by “Low” price.

In economy like this, we understand that cost cutting is one of our priorities. However, we have to be wary of the contractors who offer price that is far below the market price. If they offer a very low price don’t say yes immediately but instead ask why. Normally, companies who offers very low prices cannot afford to hire competent employees. However, a company that can pay handsomely will attract the most qualified and highly skilled technicians.

Some of the unscrupulous contractor would offer you extremely “low”  price on service but will charge you extremely high of repair cost.

  1. They offer warranties on their work.

A company that offers warranty on their work is a company that stand behind their work. Warranty is the way of ensuring that their work is of highest quality.

  1. They have standard rate.

Fly-by-night companies doesn’t have standard rate. They usually operate depending on which neighbourhood they are doing the service. These kinds of contractors have questionable reputation. Instead look for air conditioning repairs Perth that offers standard rate. The company that has standard pricing commonly employ high calibre technicians.