Your wedding day is your big day, but it will not be as awesome as you dream it to be if you neglect to give attention to detail such as your bridesmaids hairstyle. Your bridesmaids will be walking down the aisle ahead of you, setting the tone of your wedding day. Bridesmaids are integral part of the wedding entourage, they may not be the focus of the occasion but they play a very important role in making your dream wedding come true. That is why it is also important that they will be looking at their best as you do.

There are numerous factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the right hairstyle for your bridesmaids. This means that each of your bridesmaids may require having unique look that would suit their personality. So, in choosing the right hairstyle for your bridesmaids you have to remember that they may have different personalities, different hair length and different hair color. Do your research by searching the internet of the different hairstyle, Pinterest is good place to start. You may also talk to your bridal hairdresser in Perth for recommendations.

Here’s some idea on how your bridesmaids get their hair look great and would complement their face while not overdoing the hairstyle to ensure that the bride will still be the center of the event:

For bridesmaids with short hair:

There seemed to be limited option when it comes to short hair, but with right styling and right accessories your bridesmaid can totally rock the pixie look. Some option for short hair includes glamorous Hollywood curls, romantic updos, side bangs with accessorized with flower crown, wavy bob with jewel accessories, retro bangs, old Hollywood curls and many more.

For bridesmaids with shoulder length or mid-length hair:

Mid-length hair is one of the easiest to style. It is a fertile playground for a hairdresser in Inglewood to play with. There are practically thousands of styles you can do with mid-length or shoulder length hair. You can have classic updos and downdos, or you could have the fancy Dutch braid or French braid, curls, twisted bun and many more.

For bridesmaids with long hair:

Long hair is also easy to manage, just like the mid-length hair you have numerous options your creativity and imagination is your limit. Classic updos and downdos, buns, side-locks, braids, twists and almost anything you wanted to try. You can accessorize your bridesmaids’ hairstyle with flower crown, mini-tiaras, headbands, this will them look more fancy and pretty.

Remember that this day is about you and your groom. Make sure that you are not overshadowed by your wedding entourage. They key is not to overdo the hairstyle and makeup of your bridesmaid, and make sure that what they wear compliment yours.