Few years back, not so many people knew about the use of epoxy coating as decorative flooring, and those who knew about it usually thought that epoxy coating are only good for garage floor or shop floors. These days, epoxy coating is getting positive attention as one of the best options in floor design. Many of homeowners and interior decorators are now convinced that epoxy flooring can be both durable and aesthetically stylish. Meaning, with the use of epoxy coating you could have not only a beautiful floor but also a tough floor too.

There are so many advantages and benefits in using epoxy coating in your flooring. In this post, let me share to you some of these advantages and benefits.

It is tough and durable.

Before the introduction of decorative epoxy coating, the epoxy floor coating was popular among warehouses, factories, shops and other commercial and industrial buildings due to its durability and toughness. Epoxy flooring can withstand heavy usage due the high foot traffic. Thus, epoxy floor coating can survive for many years. The decorative version of epoxy coating retains its durability and toughness while providing beauty to your floor.

It is customable and beautiful.

One of the best attribute of epoxy flooring is its custom-ability.  Epoxy coating is available in many different colors and styles which can be easily mixed and matched according to your artistic style. Another best feature of epoxy flooring is its elegant high-gloss polish.

It is chemical resistant.

Epoxy flooring is a tough floors, and when I say tough floor I do not just mean being durable. Epoxy flooring can withstand spillage and other chemical contamination.  If you accidentally spill a liquid with strong chemical content like muriatic acid it would likely damage the granite or vinyl, but epoxy coating is resistant to chemicals that is why it is popular to factories and industrial buildings. So, if your house or your work place deals with chemicals, epoxy floor coating is the best choice.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy coating has a glossy surface that is easy clean and maintain. Dust, dirt and stains can be easily wiped clean. There will be no need of those expensive cleaning agent to remove the dirt from your flooring. A good mop and sweep can make your flooring good as new.

It helps promotes safety

Either in your home, office or business safety must be your topmost concern. A beautiful flooring is impractical if is not safe. No one wants to step in your flooring knowing that it is a slip-hazard. Epoxy floor coating can vouch your safety because it is made to resist slip, impact heat, or fire.

If you are contemplating of installing new flooring or upgrade your old one, epoxy floor coating is one of your options. With epoxy flooring you can make sure that your flooring can withstand daily wear and tear and the same time it can be customized according to your taste.