When summer heat strikes Perth, the only thing you can do to keep yourself comfortable is to have your air conditioner at full blast. Evaporative air conditioning system is ideal for Perth climate and it offers exceptional comfort especially during the peak of extreme heat in summer. Evaporative air conditioning system is also a cleaner option when it comes to air conditioning as it is free of harmful allergens and particles because unlike the refrigerated system, it does not recycle air that may become stale and unpleasant.

The evaporative cooling system is installed inside your home using air ducts which pump cool air into your house. It filters the air through the pads that eliminate harmful allergens and particles that may affect your overall health especially to those who are suffering asthma and prone to allergies. Areas in the home like the kitchen often have stagnant air, with the evaporative cooling system the stagnant air will be forced to be expelled in outside your home though the fan mode keeping only the fresh to circulate inside your home.  The evaporative cooling system even allows you to open your doors and windows, unlike its refrigerated counterpart that you need to close the doors and windows to keep the cool air inside.

Evaporative cooling system is also energy efficient. The purchase price is lower than other types of air conditioning system and the installation costs are often lower than other systems as well. The evaporative repairs in Perth are also much cheaper than the repair of the refrigerated system. Typically, the evaporative coolers are more energy efficient than a standard air conditioner, it also adds other benefits of humidifying the air. However, the evaporative coolers are not ideal in regions with high humidity. Even the best evaporative and most expensive coolers cannot function well in regions with mild to high humidity.

To keep the evaporative air conditioning system running at its optimum capacity, it is important to have it checked regularly at least once a year by professional evaporative repairs in Perth. Find out more about the evaporative cooling system for residential and commercial properties in Perth and see the difference.