Losing weight is seeming to be on everybody’s agenda. It seems that everyone wants to lose weights. Lose weight programs and mobile apps are becoming a rage these days. If you are one of the many hopefuls who want to lose weight, then you are one of the many who are doing the wrong method of making themselves fit. If you want to make yourself fit, your goal must not be losing weight but losing fat. Losing weight is easy. You don’t just eat and you will lose weight but the weight you will be losing will be both fat and muscle.

The fastest to lose weight is by cutting your carbohydrate intake. That is because carbs retain water three times more than any macronutrients in your body. If you intake fewer carbs, your body will retain less water. Less water, less weight. Simple as that. But losing water weight is not a long-term solution. Losing water weight is comparable to buffing of the car, it can make your car look new and sleek outside but it is only for short period of time since there is no improvement made on its interior. If you lose weight due to loss of water, it’s no big deal. In fact, losing water weight constantly is dangerous. After several weeks of losing water because of less carb intake, your muscle tissue will start to adapt to dehydration which will result to atrophy. Your muscle will weaken and will start to shrink. This will not only compromise the structural integrity of your muscles, it can also lead to insulin sensitivity and whole metabolic dysfunction of basal metabolic rate (BMR).

If you want to lose weight, the goal should be losing fat while preserving the muscle. Following programs like phatt healthy living is a good way to start in your goal to lose fat. Don’t be one of the many people who disrupt their diets by eating too little and taking in few nutrients which leads to muscle loss. Once you start losing muscles, your weight loss program is doomed to fail because your muscle is essential in burning your fats. Our muscles have organelles called mitochondria which is responsible for producing energy which burns fat. It is in the mitochondria where our fats are metabolized. This means that the more muscle you have, the higher is your metabolic rate. The more muscles you have, the faster you will burn fat.

Don’t allow yourself to go on dieting and loss more than 2 lbs in a week. The two pounds a week weight loss is everyone’s the normal threshold for fat burning. If you lose beyond 2 pounds a week, the majority of that will be the water weight and some muscles. Joining in weight loss program such as phatt program is a good thing, but make sure that you don’t overdo that you lose more muscle than fats. Remember that your goal is to get rid of those extra fats so that you can show off those defined muscles.