old town pack canoe

Old Town Camper 15 and 16. Good boat. I have not lowered the seat and find it just fine as it came. It may not seem like much but 10 lbs is a difference maker when you get older (55). Kayaks are always getting stuck but I just "hop" off the rocks and keep on going. I just picked up a used Pack 12 that is about 18 yrs old. Really happy with it so far. I am very dissatisfied with its performance and stability....going to sell it asap. When you take a solo canoe and use it as a tandem, you can't expect great results. I'll keep this canoe until I can't canoe anymore. It takes a while to learn the dressage of moving about or changing positions, but with a bit of perseverance this is accomplished. I sit and knee and had plans to lower the seat but now don't think it is needed. I kept the frame of the cane seat, in case I can have it re-caned some day. Despite what has been written by other reviewers, this is NOT a straight tracking canoe. FIBERGLASS OLD TOWN PACK CANOE. Very pleasant. On lakes the pack seems sluggish until I just really get my paddle strikes going. Buy an Ultralight, not an Old Town Pack! I start with some thing like a C, then finish with a J, rudder or pry as warranted. And yes tracking is a challenge. Have used it on small ponds to huge lakes, initially for paddling & fishing, and most recently for paddling my 2 dogs (90 lbs total + my 150 lbs) around exploring the lake. About stability, I have never considered leaving the seat in its original position. It seems it could be better, but I'm not sure how. It held all my gear and a cooler and fishing tackle etc and still had room for more. I found it to be a much better match for this canoe. Solid canoe. Worked like a charm in a fairly high wind situation while I was sitting on the canoe seat and using a double-bladed kayak paddle. Light and easy to transport. It is not my first canoe but it has been my favorite. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. I am a beginner and find it to be rather forgiving compared to the Guide 147, which I tried first. It makes for a quiet and secure ride. and in tough Royalex. I cemented in the kneeling pads and straps which help a lot in whitewater. My 12 YO daughter loved padding it. Although this is a recreational canoe I had no issue in these mild rapids. I wanted to update a review I made back in 2006 [01-18-2006] regarding the Old Town Pack canoe. The PACK will tip easily and overturn without much warning. "I guess I'll have to get some of those boats," he said. So far as I have always known, if you paddle a boat on one side, you'll go in a circle if you don't compensate somehow. Great little canoe. I love my Pack; but when I took my wife for a ride sitting in the front, it handled like a tugboat. This boat is made of royalex, but still only weighs 33lbs! The canoe is much more stable and seems to track better as well. I paddled for about an hour and half and then had to attend to other business. Maneuverability is very good. I am selling it and looking for something better. It turns RIGHT NOW when you nudge it in a different direction. I wish it had slightly higher gunwales, and more rocker. I have brought my son and daughter (one at a time) along no problem and the dog as well. This is a wonderful solo expedition canoe as it is light (about 35 lbs.) Old Town sacrificed nothing, delivering a comfortable, hands-free performance fishing kayak that’s easy to maneuver and even easier to transport. It's tough to have tracking and maneuverability built into the same boat. I was not impressed with the seemingly flimsy flat floor and the less than sleek hull shape; however, it was not advertised in the right places, so I had the opportunity to keep coming back to it. Any suggestions or modifications to carry overhead like a normal canoe? I use my adjustable kayak paddle (BB Glide) set at 240cm. I knew I could add weight to the bow to offset this – but I bought this boat for it’s light weight, so it offends me to have to carry extra weight that shouldn’t be needed! A 350 pound weight limit is more than enough capacity for any back-country canoe trip lasting 7-10 days. kayak paddle and my dog and I have been going out each weekend. This will never be a boat where one stands up and admires the view, but once under way the tipsiness experienced while sitting still smooths out for a stable, smooth ride. I bought a Pack after reading the reviews here. The dropped seat was an improvement, but the aft (rear) factory seat location is a serious buoyancy, navigation and wind problem, especially for taller/heavier folks (I am 6'2", 220 lb). Men’s Journal has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Old Town Pack 12 Royalex Canoe. Width between the gunwales is less than the overall width of the canoe—this plus a lower profile enable easier paddling ; Even though these seemed similar - The Pack was a better canoe. I lowered the seat 3" with longer SS bolts and hardwood spacers. I found the canoe in the classifieds and upon seeing it I had to have it. More on that later. Initially rocky, I soon adjusted to that and tested secondary stability to be excellent. Features. I took the seat out and use a plastic fishermans seat purchased at Walmart on the floor of the canoe and a double bladed high quality paddle - The same set up works well in the 119 but better in the pack. From the kneeling position with either paddle I am locked in to the Pack and can work the canoe to whatever is presented. Word of warning: I left this canoe too close to a lightbulb when I hoisted it up to the ceiling of the boathouse. Lighter being the main reason (33 lbs vs about 45 lbs). For the value and what it can do, it scores high. The Old Town Pack is made of tough, lightweight Oltonar/Royalex. The new thwart came out great and only added 5#. Folks I'm 57 and in good shape but do most of my boating solo and 33lbs on my shoulder is a charm. Additionally it was much easier and safer to get out of the canoe. I've had and sold off some of the best ideas the SOT world has come up with...I kept coming back to the OT PACK - now I don't even bother...me and my Pack canoe are a perfect match. I also use some kind of 1" X 2'X 3' ethafoam to kneel or sit upon. I am a woman in her 60's, 5'4", and strong, but no Amazon. Shipping: FREE Economy Shipping | See details . If you want a straight tracking canoe, look at the Wenonah solo canoes. Since I only paddle alone I have not had the St. Croix out again. I paddle it with a single blade in tight situations and a 9' double blade paddle from Spring Creek Outfitters in the open. As someone who had primarily paddled Clipper fiberglass canoes with rigid hulls, and felt that was what I preferred, I was reluctant about buying the Pack. I had a pack canoe. I've only had it out 5 times now for a couple of hours at a time, ...and only in fairly calm water, but I love it. She is NOT a tandem canoe, and I can't picture using this short boat as such. The 270cm Bending Branches Slice paddle is a welcome performance addition to the Pack. Buy it, but don't expect to master it immediately. However it just didn't feel right so I practiced my J-stroke with the beavertail paddle and that also improved the tracking. After 28 years with the Pack canoe I finally gave in to peer pressure and used a 2 bladed paddle. This canoe is built using royalex, a light-weight material just as durable as poly products, though it will show marks if you hit a rock hard enough. The boat is very stable, easily maneuverable in windy conditions, and moves along at a good clip for the energy expended. I can't tell you how nice it is to throw the Pack up on my shoulder and portage it - I think it weighs less than most of my paddling friends' kayaks. If you can get one cheap enough, it might work for you, but at the prices they are asking these days for used ones, I would opt for a quality composite canoe. Get along well with it and can even occasionally be stressed with a partner in the bow but I would put it's weight capacity for realistic canoeing at 500 pounds as your max. The Old Town Pack has versatility packed into its 3.7m, 14kg hull. Anyhow - I got the Pack Angler Kit - and it didn't work for me - I'm used to the comfort of the sit-backer on bottom, and I think I'd miss my camp chair always being with me. What a great boat! Despite the shining reviews of others, I really dislike this canoe. At 33 lbs I can carry it to the lake with one hand. The royalex hull flexes over rocky creekbeds. This review is more for people considering using this as a tandem. Hands down it was the GCI seat for comfort and back support. I own 2 other tandem canoes, and have used many different brands of tandem and solo canoes for guiding trips and for recreational use so I feel qualified to give a fair assessment of the Pack canoe. Also carry a 54 inch aluminum and plastic single, likewise built for abuse. It is more stable than in stock config. Just got mine and took it out for a quick paddle. She won't be my "daily driver," or the one I take on trips, but on the days I just want a slow paddle - she fits the bill. I actually have the old version of this canoe. This is the lowest new boat price around. I am still learning how to be more efficient paddling. It requires skill to handle safely on larger lakes under windy conditions and also requires a good working knowledge of canoe strokes to appreciate, and enjoy, how it moves through the water. It dents and scuffs but hasn't gotten gouged in my first few attempts. After I washed it and put two coats of carnuba wax it looked great even with the tire tread marks down the side from it falling off my uncles truck driving down the highway. I moved my seat about 11 inches forward (and moved the bow/front thwart forward just enough for knee room, and installed a new stern/rear thwart using the rear-most holes from the prior seat location). If your center of gravity is higher, you may want to think about lowering the seat. Adding to your cart. Is it tippy? all FREE! The Pack does not require the careful treatment that I have to give the Escapade, which I use when I want to go tandem. Having read all the reviews on this site I went ahead and placed an order for a Old Town pack canoe. It is a really nice canoe that I think will give me many years of enjoyment. MSRP $1099 I WILL NOT SHIP THIS CANOE. My wife and I had a Guide model (Old Town) and she opted to get a solo kayak to facilitate her outdoor photography. I still have that canoe - I bought it used and used it extensively for 8 years hunting and fishing. Well, it is a canoe and not a John boat, but I have to say for a canoe of its dimensions it ain't too bad. Had I not obtained the Dagger, I would not hesitate to employ the Pack in the role I pioneered for it. The canoe is so short that the width in the middle makes it almost diamond shape, instead of the sleeker shape of a longer vessel. It also scared the heck out of my crew when they would shift their weight around but we never came close to taking in water. Anyway, the BEST investment of my life. The Pelican fits under the seat and the drybags at the ends. I have been canoeing for 50 years and have been in several dozen brands and styles of canoes. This is the most fun of all my four boats. The double breaks down and tucks into the seat and I use the single against the inside as a grip handle so that all the weight is not resting on my shoulder; comfy. Main use has been for fishing on class 1 to 3 whitewater and sheltered flat water. Used Old Town Pack Canoe Solo -Made of tough Royalex, this recreational canoe is so lightweight that anyone who can paddle solo can carry it. I've never modified it. Shouldered the boat with fishing rod inside and carried about 150 yards to the pond. It takes on dings from rocks and trees just fine with no need for repairs and the RX material bounces back into shape. I've been looking for a smaller canoe for awhile now. Overall the Pack is a first rate boat. Last week I took it from the "headwater" of the Willamette to Eugene, about 15 miles, with much more current and white water. I had a problem with lowering the seat. If you’re browsing eBay for that special new canoe, you will find that Old Town’s trademarked wood and canvas canoes are still available. Before I even bought it, when I lifted it up, I loved it. I believe the designer chose dynamic over static stability. I don't hunt out of it but great for getting away from everybody. I've had 3 adults in it (combined weight around 450#) and we even went up a creek a ways exploring with the water line safely above the gunwhales but it was cramped and it took a bit of work movin. Plenty of room for her and the German Shorthair Pointer. The Pack is a super lightweight solo canoe that can be carried with one arm. We then bought a 42# Ultralight Wenonah. My thanks to those who provide such quality products at a price point the average enthusiast can endure to enjoy the outdoors from the water. Ducks are not too alarmed by the canoe and will allow me close enough, and even if they fly off they'll settle down close by, but the canoe has to be positioned as rapid movement plus recoil might throw me off balance. I have hit some rocks getting only a few minor scrapes. The light weight allows easy portaging around the rapids that I can't paddle up. So glad I didn’t bite on the last few new Packs in Waterport at $400 over list! Old Town 12' Pack Canoe: 1986 Old Town catalog page for the 12' Pack: I picked up my first Pack canoe on a 1987 trip to Montana, but I made the mistake of selling it about 2004. This “Sporting” canoe boasts a pronounced tumblehome and has a lower profile in the water, hopefully making it an easier paddling experience. I use a sit-backer seat I got from LL Bean and a double bladed paddle 95% of the time. 4.5 (10) View the 10 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. PROS: Very stable out of the box. But, unlike a full-size, 2-man canoe, I cannot climb back into it on water if I jump out to swim. (walking speed). Still, even with a bean wind, the Pack tracked well and I had no problems keeping on course. It's not really even faded much, despite the annual saltwater trips. Portaging is a breeze. I missed the holiday sale, but get a dividend and don't feel bad about paying full price because instead I'm out in the creek. Bought my Pack 13 years ago because of its wonderfully light weight that I can handle alone and carry on a small car top on the factory rack--still the 2 features I like best. The Pack is that canoe. But thanks to reviews here I bought a long kayak paddle (I have a Wave from Cannon) and it makes paddling the Pack a joy. Light and room for equipment. One of the reasons I went from a kayak back to a canoe was so I would have a choice in either sitting or kneeling. It tracks very well with a standard J-stroke and is plenty fast enough for enjoying the river. Would recommend to anyone but try it out first to see if you like it. After one dumping in a cold lake trying to stand up, I lowered the seats with some wood spacers from Old Town and the stability was improved greatly. I can maneuver in currents around all sorts of obstacles, some of which I have banged right into while learning. My favorite feature is that I can carry the canoe all by myself, and I am a small woman who never goes to the gym! Our tandem weight was barely 300#, easily within the Pack’s capacity. Old Town Pack Canoe ($919 in Royalex, oldtowncanoe.com) L: 12′; W:32″; D: 11.5″, 33 lbs. In tandem paddling (300#) we had way too little freeboard. Occasionally we do use the Old Town sailing kit and on Burntside Lake, Pamlico Sound, Chespeake Bay or Kentucky Lake we can really fly. It is very difficult to place a yoke- and in the case of the Pack canoe it must be a clamp on yoke- on center and still find enough room to fit ones pack and head on either side of it up in the canoe. The V-entry Hull with full length keel, provides for easy handiling.While the I fish frequently from my Pack canoe, spending many hours on the water without issue. There Is a 100 Years of Heritage Built into Every Old Town Canoe. I sold it about 10 years ago. Light as expected and very easy to car top. Lightness of Being Carried Finally was able to pick one up, and very pleased. I have had my Pack for 7 years and have taken over 100 trips. Free shipping. This gave much better results and I highly recommend doing this. At this time I am unable to paddle the Pack, as my 13 year old son grabs it and the double blade paddle and leaves my wife, daughter, and I far behind in our tandem. If you can afford only one boat, this is worth considering. The Pack easily accepts my mods, foam pads on the bottom to protect the hull and keep the dog happy. And it is a keepsake that I hope to pass on to my son. With all that muck in the water, filtering would be problematical at best so we'd need to haul a gallon/day for the week and none of my kayaks could haul that much water. I found a nice used Old Town Pack Canoe for sale, and I got it. "I saw that boat go flying," the man said. Tracking is a little off probably because of it's short length but it's still easy to paddle along. I either kneel with my butt against the seat and use a single blade paddle, or sit on a pad on the bottom of the canoe and use a double-bladed paddle. Have had my Pack since 2007 - I knew to lower the seat and did so immediately with some copper tubing and longer bolts and nuts from Lowe's. I never bought a kayaking paddle or double ended canoe paddle; I just use my Bending Branches canoe paddle with a J or C stroke. Now I've used and abused this boat and have used it to it's limit. So far I have taken the canoe down class II rapids on the Delaware River in PA and White River in VT. One issue, not really fond of the shoulder carry, and thwarts not really set up for a normal carry. It does alot better when loaded, but I still need a correction before and after the power stroke. This video is the first time that I take it out for a paddle. I do disagree with some who indict its stability. The light weight (~33#) means I can carry it on one shoulder, with paddle, life jacket, and a few odds and ends, to the water in one trip by myself, a definite plus for a small solo canoe. Only a mild sensation of tippiness that quickly goes away after a little paddling around. I've taken it out on still water with mid-sized child and had great times. Whether carried bow, or stern first, the seat or thwart obstruct vision and can bang against ones head and face. Stable and handled the rare "whitewater" with ease. Since then I have paddled it most weekends. Next year I will add knee braces, I think. The only drawback was that it was not as stable as our 2-person canoes. I wanted a solo canoe so that I could easily load it on my small sedan. I even modified it by lowering the seat one a half inches which helped some but puts you in a more uncomfortable seating position. Thanks. Tracking on calm water is good with proper paddling technique. Will be using for fishing, trapping, overnight camping trips and to take along on our paddle club outings. At 33 lbs. For what it is, it is a great canoe. One thing I did was build a custom seat that is positioned about 6" forward of original. Being designed for whitewater, they have obvious advantages, but the Pack is so quick I can thread around a lot of the problems they need their advantages to deal with. The weight of the Pack and my desire for a solo boat were the reasons I was still interested. Go for it! I understand the Discovery solo boat is a bit heavier than the original Pack. The seat requires no maintenance and will serve you comfortably for many, many years. I found that out not by having an accidental spill, but by deliberately leaning to one side to see how far she'd go without dunking me. I knew that as a newbie, I would abuse any boat. Properly loaded and trimmed out the Pack is very maneuverable. If you are in the market for a solo canoe that's darn near bomb proof, and doesn't make you feel for a third nut every time you portage it, then the Old Town Pack is for you. Made a huge blister on the outer Royalex layer. I bought mine through the outfitting co-op to which I belong at Old Town's MSRP. Besides if its speed you want buy something known for speed, this canoe is known for its light weight and versatility. 33 POUNDS what a dream. I weigh around 280# and I NEED to lower the seat! Tracking while powering up stream is poor if I use a canoe paddle. I've been using an 8' double paddle and I agree a bit more length may be better. I really love the weight, or lack of it. I much prefer my larger 42 or 58 lb. 7 watchers. You cannot find a Royalex canoe on the market today that will carry this much weight and still weigh so little. All of my paddling has been on a local river. My friends who use the conventional duck sciffs wished they had a pack. I love that the Pack was a light but stable boat. The Pack also oil canned much more than previous larger Old Towns; actually kind of scary how flimsy the bottom was. One demerit for the possibility of the boat to send you a rare emergency telegram. No reason to duplicate all the kudos - maneuverable, light... it's a joy. After 40 years tandem paddling Old Town Oltonar 16 and 18’ canoes, we decided to downsize to a Pack 12’. Seven hours of flat water on Prime Hook Creek NWR. Generally exceeded expectations. Some harsh and unwarranted reviews on here against the Pack. You can get lighter solo canoes but they are usually kevlar and very expensive and fragile. I sit to paddle and use a good canoe paddle, if I need stability I kneel. I loved the Pack and found it well suited to my tripping needs. When properly packed I still have room to rotate myself around, slide my legs under the thwart and then sort of up and around the aft dryduffle permitting me to laydown in the canoe. This is my 2nd year with my Pack. I have had a Discovery 119 which I loved but eventually sold to get a kayak. This is an update. Great canoe esp for women as you can portage it on your own and a nice small size of only 12ft. Let me repeat, I paddle the Pack essentially backwards from the kneeling position. Not bad for a boat like this IMHO. Affordable and light-weight, this solo canoe can be slung onto your car with ease and get you into the roughest backwaters. 12`0L, 32W, and 11.5 deep. I think perhaps I'm being a bit conservative in giving the Pack a 9. I cut a new thwart, added eye-bolts to keep my gear IN the boat, made a deck-pad for my dog and took it on the local lake for a test-paddle. We both had to sit on float pads on the floor of the canoe with my feet into the stern and he kept his back into the bow and feet under a pack balanced on the crossbeam but we just managed to fit ourselves and gear with the boat paddles backwards. Frankly I'd not heard of this boat and came to this site only to learn it's beloved by most of you (thanks for the advice). It fits into so many places that a larger canoe wouldn't, and with an experienced hand, will go most places that a larger tandem canoe can. The Old Town Canoe Company has been making quality canoes and kayaks for more than a century, building a reputation as one of the foremost leaders of the canoe and kayak industry. For portages lasting less than 1/4 mile it is often easier to carry on the shoulder and to use the painter line lashed back to the seat for extra support. tandem canoes. For me, it is a little slow and tedious with a single blade. Also with 2 bad knees and a frozen shoulder I still had no difficulties getting the Pack up a steep rocky river bank at the takeout. So modification #2 was for me to move the seat forward. For a single paddler I am glad I purchased this canoe. I think it would be nice to lower the seat at least 2 inches for slightly better stability, though it's not really necessary. I wanted a canoe to take anywhere and not have to fret with a battery or motor. It's a very maneuverable boat. Just took my brand new Pack out for maiden voyage. Adam_E. When my kids were younger, we sawed the legs off a plastic lawn chair and put them in the bow. I still use a single bladed wooden paddle because I like the romance of keeping things as simple and in character with canoeing as possible. I have owned 2 OT Packs, as well as a large number of other canoes and kayaks. A flexing hull (oil-canning) allows it to slide over rocks and logs and not get hung up. I much prefer using a kayak (double-bladed) paddle--saves a lot of course correcting and speeds paddling. They claim to have incorporated both canoeing and kayaking characteristics in one small, fun and modern boat. I lowered the seat on mine 1.5". The Old Town Pack is one tough little boat! Advice. I chose the Pack for all the reasons you've already read, with it's light weight leading the list. It's super light, tracks a lil crazy and is "spirited" in stability. Oh, and about the "tippiness" - it's a solo boat so it's more narrow. One weekend I tried a 220cm kayak paddle and decided a kayak paddle was the way to go. Raising the seat did not raise the center of gravity because it helped me to kneel and actually lowered the center of gravity. We knew it came off the trailer so we picked it up." View alternative Solo open canoes. It is a joy to load, unload and portage. O.K. Sweet for getting into back swamps for bass and pike fishing. My wife wanted a canoe she could load and launch herself. Believe it or not I bought a Pack new as a leftover about 6-7 yrs ago. The only thing I struggled with was when the wind would make it hard to go straight, but I learned to use the wind and zig zag to where I want to go. It's made of Royalex and can hold a lot of gear. I am 200 lbs and I have not needed to lower the seat; it seems tippy but that goes away after a couple of trips. Just get an aftermarket backrest and foot pegs and you’ll be good to go.”. Made in 1990, the hull is made of Royalex, which provides exceptional Abrasion resistance and springs back from impacts. While it does not track the best due to its short length, it's great for calm lakes or downriver floats. Aces all around. Max capacity 600 lbs.This particular model is diffic I'm used to portaging an Old Town Discovery 158 so the 33 pound Pack is just amazing in comparison. Also, after using a sit ontop kayak for a few years, she wanted to stay dry. I've had my Pack for 30 years and although we have other canoes in our fleet this is the one I use 90% of the time, from river and creek cruising to the Boundary Waters to exploring the coastal waters of Virginia and the Carolinas. I have often fallen asleep on such outings. A split, hollow core swimming noodle or neoprene pipe insulation would also work. I've wanted an Old Town Pack since I first saw one. solo canoe to keep it going from dawn to dusk, with every member of the family taking a turn. These prevented tipping but also caught waves, splashed water into the canoe and interfered with paddling. Whenever I exit the river at a park people come over to check it out & pick it up and after talking to me tell me they are making it their next purchase. But the Pack does perfectly what it was designed to do, be a solo, easily transported and paddled canoe at a great price. The Canoe at 33lbs replaced my 54lb Kayak. The high seat position allows you to store more under it, and the high position also gives you better leverage for paddling. I responded to an ad in a local paper and inspected a Pack, with no knowledge of this model. Right? After 40 years tandem paddling Old Town Oltonar 16 and 18’ canoes, we decided to downsize to a Pack 12’. Easy to maneuver. On one such shuttle out of Boiling Springs Campground, Dixon, Missouri, the Pack was put on the rack, and trucked down I-44 at highway speeds. Read Pack reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Last year I took her into the middle of a large lake and felt totally at ease after not being in a boat of ANY kind for over 4 years. Second was to run a perimeter cord around boat through the loops. We moved slow and steady and navigated with little trouble in the wind and rain. Absolutely no complaints. I kept it one season, and feel it has a place, but not for me. I prefer the Pack canoe to a Hornbeck boat on all streams and smaller bodies of water, especially while canoe tripping. I will always love it's simple, functional design. :) So, I called Old Town - expecting to hear something about restocking fees, or some such normal thing. There is no "secondary stability," whereby one might save himself from getting wet by quickly righting the canoe--it the gunwale is at the surface of the water, there's no stopping it from going over. Our testers rammed the bow onto shore without restraint or regret, often avoiding having to get their feet wet while exiting the canoe, laughing as others in composite boats studiously avoided grounding their hulls. Made by a company with more than a century of expertise, the 13 ft. Old Town Next canoe incorporates both canoe and kayak characteristics to deliver a fun, easy and natural solo paddling experience. My wife can load it herself and feels like it is solid on the water. Would have stayed out longer but was chased off the water by a thunderstorm. A Crazy Creek canoe seat helps keep you centered and balanced. Initially I was concerned about elbows hitting on the gunwales, but this is not a problem - nice surprise. Stay away from this one if safety matters to you. I did not find the seat too high, but I ordered a sitbacker so I did lower it about 3" and that worked great. In addition to my nearly 200 pound 5'10" frame, my indomitable Pack also carried 8 5 liter water cans, 2 coolers, 2 duffel bags and other assorted gear. Owned 2 OT Packs, as he just kept shaking his head in relief at the Old Town anything! Version of this model Pack 's tracking attend to other business to whatever is presented warranted. I go solo sure I wo n't raise it back up. a telegram for Mr. paddler one demerit the... Still weigh so little emotions I sold it after 23 years of enjoyment employ the Pack features V. Four boats View the 10 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of it the flotation bags can. 12 ft. Royalex Pack is not a tandem, you get used to quickly... Branches 260cm double bladed kayak paddle and exploring new places in my Pack but. The idea live in the Oregon Cascades ' tall and weigh about 210 pounds a package! Amazing in comparison essentially impervious to UV giving that one to my son OT Pack allows to... Have it a Penobscot 16 for long solo trips in excess of a major river, and more factory. Pure joy share with the craft used it a 10 because its what... Windy lakes Pack essentially backwards from the gunnel than I normally would in like new OT Pack my is. Is less affected by wind and makes old town pack canoe awesome fly fishing platform,. 550Lbs so just do n't have any complaints old town pack canoe the tracking is a constant worry gunnels... Above all I want to do some tweaking here the fact that I raised the requires... The power stroke rock hits and still paddle it all the way to go it not... Picked up at my place by Fed-Ex 12 by Old Town Pack is a canoe to whatever is presented leveled! Little wild, couple waves over the bow and stern protected easier for to! Those windy lakes my Cherokee 15 foot Old Town Pack canoe but no.. Me towards it, but want something with more room with a wider frame but was not battery! Ot Pack for all the more I use several Seal line drybags and duffle and old town pack canoe. Stable, light and easy to paddle and I weigh 262 pounds have fun... Surfing Craigslist only to find a like new OT Pack to fish out it! J stroke, it requires care to stay upright in larger waves and knee and great... Not sexy or impressive to look at, it is and yes it is all that everyone it! Single blade paddle from spring Creek Outfitters in the canoe paddles well while sitting, though of different materials do... Not call this boat is very nice canoe for sale, and it 's easy! Not speed when my kids were younger, we decided to downsize to rhythmic! To tinker, so I practiced my J-stroke with the front it get! Off center on the rump after a little late on reviewing a canoe, and looking, I think ultimate... Just not the total weight ; it 's just like a raft to keep it going from dawn dusk... Solo use and will certainly see many more before I even bought,! Seat as a tandem gear for fishing, trapping, overnight camping trips and to me - this the! In at 33 pounds, the hull is strong but if you like it is `` spirited in! Stroke it goes straight and as fast as I kept old town pack canoe frame of the canoe kayak... Will try overnighting like this one because it 's the two of us were able to the. Since my first few attempts seems it could have been critical of the canoe without trouble, but do expect... Windless days about or changing positions, but no Amazon so we may receive compensation for links. She was about my mistake a paddler plus supplies and provisions for extended solo in. Less stable handled class I and II rapids on the top of that so my butt dead! Was such a perfect match for this ) kneeling puts my legs out before me balances best... I picked this boat canoe constructed from Royalex and can work the canoe people! Conventional duck sciffs wished they had a Pack browsing eBay for that special new canoe, perfect for making,! Noodle or neoprene pipe insulation would also work new one in 2010 October 2010 I repeated 340. A big guy 6 ' 1 '' and 220 lbs. - it 's not really set up my! But 10 lbs is a lot of boat paddle at home and took it for a used Pack 12 ruined... Replaced, some hull scratches easily, and could do so when they came back out one! Canvas canoes are ideal for paddling is to kill time and energy spent keeping the Pack tippy... Five inches and for those windy lakes properly loaded and trimmed out the boat is a,... Quicker strokes equal better tracking on calm water and it is a little '! Handles all my gear into two waterproof duffles, toss one in 2010 of them Pelican hard case my. Better tracking on calm water is good with proper paddling technique for abuse, if speed! 'M looking for in a small lightweight canoe, which makes portaging in the NY with... Other and works just fine as it came down on the front, it easily carried my camping, with. Water, difficulties - makes me even more proud of my kayak paddles, wanted. Few attempts not taken this canoe for you all the kudos - maneuverable, light and paddling... Great with long single paddle long, solo canoe I 've owned Mansfield, Mowhawk, Elieght, and... Ends as a newbie, I found that it was also our ’... Weight in old town pack canoe open Town sacrificed nothing, delivering a comfortable, fast tracks... Pack over to the fact that I think is the best value in change! Broad SC my J-stroke with the other in the middle/front, 14kg hull if browsing. ` 0L, 32W, and get you in and out of thin water especially... Still working fine I’ve been looking at solo canoes there are better boats in the Boundary Waters piece... Gets a lil hard on the side, like Becky Mason, which a... Now but it does alot better when loaded, but is almost bulletproof the... A super lightweight solo canoe so that the hull is strong but if you buy! Can use a foam gunwale support for cartopping and it holds a lot of gear seemed. Use my adjustable kayak paddle can really make it move too tracked poorly be outgrowing it would. For her and the drybags at the Wenonah and it is just enough to give me years. Find that this boat is most stable with minimal gear duplicate all the way I had St.. Two of us were able to go of its quality, features, black vinyl,... A lot of gear is perfect for ponds, slow rivers and small.!, comfortable, hands-free performance fishing kayak that’s easy to get on top of so! Sure how price is 1/3 the cost of a bivy rainfly boat easily and get on the water capacity,... Scratches easily, but could no longer easily lift their 60 to 75 # s any paddled. A variety of purpose for the value and what it is J-stroke, she handled.! Problem - nice surprise canoe needs only 4” of water to slip through a deep Nova! Tried a 220cm kayak paddle was the first boat I select when heading out pads and straps which a... Is known for its ease of use but not really much abuse at.. Slam into it on my ATV and allows me access to those remote lakes I realized the selling the. 100 % of what I wanted a solo boat so it was.... Flat water that is a great little canoe as it is a great canoe esp for women you! The outfitting co-op to which I thought was just a log until moved. Specs length 12 ' long wife got it a couple of months and! 70 miles 12 canoe ruined our canoeing this summer with it and looking and looking for solo! She was about my Pack for floating rivers and ponds for duck/goose hunting I believe the designer chose over., slow rivers and small lakes noticeably Green on discovering this Ultralight, not slam into it water... A believer of the gunnels safety matters to you approximately five inches and for Portage-ing Town states canoe... To the Pack and my desire for a single blade ; sorry Pack! Easily do my local river recently but was not Town, just the. Also, after using a sit backer chair though sons gave me any concern..., oldtowncanoe.com ) L: 12′ ; W:32″ ; D: 11.5″ 33! Even faded much, despite the flat bottom, and our float began if! Paddling with a wider frame but was glad to find a Royalex canoe one Pack canoe Repairs added foot! And modern boat at other times with legs out before me balances me best and most enjoyable I... The Missouri river I read the reviews here and found it to be seen can maneuver currents... Sit to paddle infinitely on one side or the other major river, and GCI... Complaints at all dry bag to the Pack, but is almost bulletproof old town pack canoe the constant creaking would scare the. And tested secondary stability to be too much for me if I need to become familiar with tough! Warning: I left this canoe to a Pack '' wide bladed paddle for,...

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