We do know that there are numerous benefits we can get in gardening. But did you know that there are many financial benefits you can get when involve in gardening? Here are some ways on how gardening can save and even make you money.

  1. Why buy if you can grow your own.

If you have a functional garden, either designed by professional landscapers in Perth or just a small space you designed on your own, you can have vegetables, herbs, fruits even flowers within your reach that you don’t have to buy. Having not to buy vegetables or herbs may not have significant impact on your budget on a single purchase, but in the long run a few dollars you can save will eventually add up to hundreds and thousands.

  1. You sell or barter your excess produce.

If you have excess produce from your garden, you can always sell it or barter it with your neighbor or friends. If it is legal in your community you can setup roadside stand or sell your fresh produce to local restaurants or in neighborhood.


  1. No more gym membership.

If you have a functional garden, you may now cancel your gym membership. Why? Gardening can burn about 272 calories in an hour and which is more than you burn when you spend walking in one hour at a normal pace. According the research conducted by the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm on older folks aging 60 and above, shows that gardening and doing housework is associated with lower risks of heart attack and stroke.

  1. Stress reliever and mood booster.

Gardening is known to be a great way to relieve stress and is proven to boost good mood. In a study conducted by Extreme Physiology & Medicine which was published in 2012, the outdoor activity in a green environment causes “greater feelings of revitalization and positive engagement.” So, instead of indulging yourself in expensive habit to boost your mood and relieve your stress such as shopping, eating out you can try working in your garden design Perth. Like exercise, gardening is a great way of maintaining your general sense of well-being.

  1. You can rent your garden to host events.

If you have awesomely designed garden, many will be interested in hosting their event in your garden. You may network to some events coordinator, as they might be interested in offering your garden to their clients as the venue of events.