Most of the adult who fears dentist often starts developing their fear when they are young. That is why it is important to for children to overcome their fear of dentist while they are still young. According to research, about 20% of the children are afraid of the dentist and one of the leading reasons is that their parents or guardian also have fear of dentists. The study shows that children with parents or guardian who have dental anxiety are likely to develop dental anxiety as well. Your kids may have seen you recovering from a root canal or tooth extracting, and had imagined the worst about going to dentists. They may conclude that going to the dentist will hurt them immensely, or simply because they don’t know what to expect.

While they are young it is important to help children overcome their fear of dentists. Here are some tips on how to extract your kid’s fear of going to the dentist.

  • Set an example

As previously mentioned, children with parents or guardians who have dental anxiety are likely to develop dental anxiety too. To remove their fear of dentist you have to show to them that there is nothing to fear. You may bring you child along next you have to visit your favorite Clarkson dentist for a routine cleaning. Let your child watch the process so that he or she can see that dental procedure is not painful. Talk about how great your teeth feel afterward.

  • Demystify the experience

They don’t know what will happen. That is one of the reasons why kids who have not been to the dentist are afraid of the dentist. That is why it is important to create a sense of safety and familiarity about going to the dentist. Talk your child what is expected to happen. You must demystify the experience and make it seem familiar.

  • Be positive

If you have dental anxiety yourself, do not talk about it in front of your child. It can only worsen the child’s fear. Instead, talk about the positive aspect of going to the dentists. Talk about how great it is to have a beautiful set of teeth. Also, avoid discussing painful procedures like a root canal and tooth extraction. These may cause them to worry about the painful procedure.

  • Use positive reinforcement

Your kid may not understand yet the numerous benefit of having beautiful and healthy teeth. So to positively reinforce the deed, use praise, and small tangible tokens, such a stickers or temporary tattoos. You may also tell you child about the cool toy they will get after the dentist clean their teeth. Link their dentist visit with a fun event to make the visit thrilling and memorable. Make this as a tradition so that your child will associate going to the dentist as a fun and adventurous event.

  • Choose dentists that are good with kids

For the first dentist visit of your child, choose Clarkson dentist that are good with kids. Pediatric dentists are trained to deal with kids who have dental anxiety. Make sure to choose one that knows how to handle kids during the dental procedure.