Choosing the right air conditioner for your room is important as getting an air conditioner itself. For someone who experienced the Australian summer heat, air conditioning is not a luxury but rather a necessity. Choosing a right air conditioning unit to be installed in your room will make a difference whether you will endure the heat of summer or enjoy the lazy cool comfort of the summer. Choosing a right air conditioner for the room is not just for you comfort but also for efficiency. By getting a right air conditioner you avoid extra expenses you may incur for maintenance and air conditioning repair.

Selecting a right air conditioning size is very important, because selecting a unit too large for the room will cost you the unnecessary money while choosing an air conditioner too small for the room will never reach the cool temperature you need for comfort. Here’s what you need to know in choosing a right air conditioner for your room.

  1. Calculate the square footage of the space.

It is important that you know the how large the space you need to cool. Calculating the square footage of the room is the first step you need to do when choosing a right air conditioner. To calculate the square footage of room you need a bit of geometry knowledge.

For a rectangular and square room just multiply the base and the length of the room. For example: 12 ft x 15ft = 180 square feet.  For a triangular shaped room use a formula Length x Base x ½ for example, 12 ft x 15 ft x ½ = 90 square feet. For odd-shaped rooms, break this room into smaller pieces and then calculate the square footage of each of pieces.

You will use the calculation you made in choosing the right capacity of air conditioning you should use.

  1. Consider between window and split AC.

You have to decide whether to choose a window air conditioning or a split type air conditioning. Split type air conditioners are quieter and provide better air distribution. On the other hand, window types ACs are cheaper and easier to install.  You can do DIY installation on window air conditioner while split AC would need the expertise of air conditioning technician Perth.


  1. Consider air conditioning unit that has intelligent cooling system.

The latest technology in air conditioning have embedded program that automatically increase or lower the temperature depending on the current temperature register of the room. There are also smart air conditioning unit that allow you control the temperature and setting using your smart phones.

4.Consider the warranty.

When buying an air conditioning unit you have to consider the warranty. Choose a brand that offers two years warranty and above.

  1. Consider the price.

Air conditioning price vary depending on the capacity and the features of the unit. The more features it include and the high the star rating, the higher its price. Look for an air conditioner that is reasonably priced base on its feature and star rating.

In Australia, there are more than 6 million of air conditioners sold every year and about 10 percent of it cannot survive its first summer. Some of these will need the expertise of air conditioning repair Perth before the summer ends. That is why it is important to choose a right air conditioner for your room to avoid further cost in repair and replacement.