Our heart is one of the most amazing and hardworking part of our body, yet it is also one of the most neglected. We are spending so much time and money on our skin, our hair and even our nails. How about your heart? What have you done to take care of your heart, lately? According to the World Health Association, heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the world. In United States, about one third of its population has some form of cardiovascular disease.

In getting heart disease, there are some factors that you cannot change such as genetics and age. However, there are many factors that you do have control such as the foods you eat and the lifestyle you make. If you haven’t taking good care of your heart lately it is to learn on how to love your heart. Here’s two effective way on how to take good care of your heart and lower the risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

  1. Choose the food you eat

The food we eat has a great impact on our overall wellbeing, especially our heart. For a healthy heart, make sure that at least ¾ your daily food intake is composed of green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains and cereals. If you are consuming bread, choose bread that has whole wheat flour as main ingredients. Another important tip to remember when choosing the food you eat is to choose food that has no salt or contains small amount salt on it. Salt is bad news to your heart. Avoid eating fast foods and processed foods because they contain high amount of sodium and other artificial flavouring which is bad not only to your heart but to your entire body. When buying food, take time to read the labels. Check the nutritional facts and see how much the sodium content per serving is. Choose packaged food that has sodium content of less than 350 milligram per serving.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is good for your heart because it contains vitamins and minerals along with insoluble and soluble fiber that makes you fuller longer while protecting your heart. For protein, you can substitute meat with legumes such as chick peas and lintels. If you can’t get away from eating meat, at least choose the lean cut meat that contains saturated fats. Adding oily fish such as tuna and salmon in your diet is also a good way in taking care of your heart because they are rich in omega-3.

You can also subscribe to a healthy diet plan such phatt diet to ensure that your food intake is good for your heart.

  1. Regular exercise

A healthy eating habit should be accompanied with a regular exercise to make it more effective. Exercise should doesn’t need to be exhaustive. Walking around the block for 15 – 20 minutes a day or taking the stairs instead of elevator or working in your garden is good form of exercise. Find a physical activity that you find enjoying such as joining in zumba dance club or taking a yoga class.

Avoid spending so much time seating, being inactive for long hours every day can increase your risk in getting heart disease. Get up from your seat and move around every hour or so. This small step is a big way in making sure that your heart is healthy. Putting health at the top should be your main priority.

Learning how to love your heart is not a rocket science. All you need is self-discipline and determination. Remember that no else can take care of your heart, except you.