If you are like any other rational and sane caravan owner, you would like to prepare your caravan for the winter season. Regardless where you park your mobile caravan, it is important to have it properly protected from the harsh winter weather. If you are not planning to use your caravan in the winter, you need to prepare it to save yourself from headaches and unnecessary caravan repairs expenses when you bring it back to service for the next spring.

Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare your caravan for winter.

Water Supply

Frozen water in pipes is one of the biggest threats to your caravan’s health during winter. Make sure to completely drain all the water system by turning off the water system and opening all the taps.  Drain the toilet’s flush tank too and clean it with water tank cleaner to avoid nasty deposits during storage. Be patient in draining out all the water out of the water system because if could take some time to drain all the water out. Frozen water can cause split pipes, cracked taps and worse, damage tanks and plumbing system.


It is an SOP to carefully clean the entire body of the caravan with a good quality cleaner designed for caravans before storing. Look out for the mould as it can leave permanent damage if left uncheck during winter months. Lubricate the window seals to prevent from sticking when they are opened after the winter. Make sure that you closed and locked all the openings except for the vents. This can prevent bugs and other insects to gain entry, while leaving the vent open will prevent the air to become stale.


Damp can create lots damage in your caravan’s interior if left unchecked. Ensure best possible air circulation to prevent damp and mildew build-up. Putting bowls of salt around the caravan can help in absorbing dampness in caravan interior.

Clean out the cupboards and remove any perishable items, though it is wise to leave some foods that have long shelf life in case of emergency. Empty and clean the fridge and freezer and leave its door open to prevent odor build up. Vacuum the floors and carpets, and don’t forget to empty the trash cans.

Gas and Electric

If possible, remove all gas cylinders and store it in well-ventilated area. If removing gas cylinders are not possible make sure to shut off the valve and the gas locker is securely locked. Remove all the batteries from the caravan and store them to a warm and dry area. Make to spray the 12N and 12S plugs with sealing spray.


Use a breathable caravan cover.  Using plastic sheets or tarpaulin to cover your caravan is not a good idea because it traps moisture that can cause serious damage to your caravan. Use breathable cover instead. The breathable caravan covers are designed to be weather-proof but not a completely watertight seal to allow moisture to evaporate and prevent the condensation and damp to form while your caravan is in the storage.

Before starting to prepare your caravan for winter, it might be wise to have it booked for its annual caravan services before the winter starts as whoever will carry out the work is likely to be less busy.