Retaining wall is one of the important structures in your home. It does not only add beauty to your property, but it performs an important task in keeping the sloping area of your property from eroding. The main purpose of retaining wall is to retain the soil and to prevent and control soil erosion.  Retaining wall should be tough, but does it mean it should look utilitarian and industrial? It doesn’t have to be. There are many materials you can use for your retaining wall that is not just tough but also artistically attractive. One of these materials is limestone.

Limestone retaining walls Perth can handle the structural job of keeping the soil from eroding and at the same time can be creatively constructed to add beauty in your landscape. If you are considering using limestone for your retaining wall, here are the pros and con of using limestone in retaining walls.


The Pros:

Durability – Limestone is one of the toughest materials you can use in your retaining wall. It is weather-resistant, pest-resistant, impact proof and fireproof. Many historical structures all around the world that are made of limestone are still standing after thousands of years. One of the few examples is Pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and Chartres Cathedral in France. Limestone can retain its toughness and beauty as the time goes by.

Appearance – Limestone is one of the most attractive materials you can use in your retaining wall. There much variety of limestone boulder colors you can choose from. If you want to have a timeless and classy ambiance, you can go for a grey or yellow limestone. If you want to have a classic or trendy look you have many options with limestone.

Maintenance – Limestone walls in Perth are easy to maintain. It only requires a gentle washing or brushing, and it can withstand harsh weather.

Variety – With limestone, you have numerous of selection to choose from. There are grey, silver, yellow, sandblaster, rubbed, split-faced, polished, variegate and many more.

The Cons:

Vulnerable to chemical – Limestone can endure all kinds of weather, but is susceptible to chemicals. It cannot withstand rain water with high carbon dioxide content.

Vulnerable to staining – Because limestone is absorbent, it is susceptible to staining and watermarking.

Price – Limestone tends to be pricey depending on the type of limestone boulder you will use. The price of limestone varies a lot depending on the quality.

If you are planning to construct a retaining wall in your property, try to consider a limestone walls in Perth.