Divorce is one of the stressful moments in the life of all concerns. The decision to end a marriage can be

can anxiety and can be traumatic to all concerns and filled with many contradicting emotions. For

example, it is common for the divorce initiator to experience the feeling of fear, doubt, guilt,

resentment, impatience and relief. Also, the other party may also the feeling of betrayal, anger, loss of

control, decreased in self-esteem and the desire to get even. The divorce is can also great affect the

well-being of the children, if there’s any. That is the reason why you need to choose a divorce lawyer canning vale that can help you not only with the legal proceedings but can also help you with the emotional and psychological burden brought by the divorce.


Here are some qualities that you should look when hiring a divorce lawyer:


  1. Honest

Just as the old saying goes, “honesty is the best policy.” Honesty is very important in a lawyer-client relationship. Honesty should go both ways. As a client, you need to be honest about your situation and should hold back any information related to your case. In return, the divorce lawyer should be honest and realistic. There are nefarious lawyers that lure clients by promising unrealistic results. A good divorce lawyer will never promise or make claims that they cannot deliver. A good lawyer will tell you the truth even its not favorable for you.


  1. Excellent communicator

A good lawyer possesses good communication skills. He or she must be proficient at communicating with different parties that concerns with your case. A good divorce lawyer knows how to communicate clearly and easily. He should also open to your questions and answer then honestly and clearly. A good lawyer should also have the skills to communicate persuasively.  Being a persuasive and aggressive communicator is a good advantage when your case goes to trial.


  1. Composed under pressure

Negotiating with other party and court trial can put a lot of pressure to anyone. That is the reasons why lawyer must know how to keep their composure even under pressure even how upset or frustrated he is, so he can strategize effectively when things don’t go according to plan.

  1. Competent, experienced and skilled

A good divorce lawyer is competent experienced and skilled. Divorce case is a complex process that requires those three attributes to be carried out successfully. He must not only have a strong understanding of the complexities of family and divorce law but also must have a good skill in presenting your case. Having an extensive experience on divorce cases is a plus factor.

  1. Have excellent negotiation skills

The key to amiable divorce is a good negotiation. A good divorce lawyer canning vale must possess excellent negotiation skills. The willingness to negotiate and compromise can significantly reduce the time and cost of divorce proceedings. The divorce process will be less costly which is good for both parties.