A gas leak is a serious situation and it should not be treated lightly. A gas leak may cause a gas explosion that can obliterate your entire house, cause injury and even death. If you are using natural gas on your home, you have to make sure that you know where the exact location of your gas meter is and know how to use it. It is important that you know how to turn off your gas supply.

If you catch a whiff of a rotten egg there is a possibility that you have a gas leak. It may not be a leak but you have to some precaution in case that it is indeed a gas leak. Follow this steps if you suspect that home have gas leak.

  1. Shut down your natural gas supply with the emergency control.
  2. Open all the doors and windows of your home to ventilate the property.
  3. All type of ignition must extinguish.
  4. Get away from the location where the gas smell is emanated.
  5. Do not turn on (or off) any switches
  6. Do not use your mobile phone or smoke or light a candle.
  7. Call an emergency gas service to let them the situation. Make your call outside your home away from the possible gas leak.

The emergency gas service will assess if there is indeed a gas leak in your home. If you have a gas leak the emergency gas service will shut off your gas supply. Do not touch your gas supply or attempt to fix the leak on your own. Call a Bunbury plumbing services that specializes on this kind of emergency. See to it that the plumber who will repair your gas line is a registered gas plumber. Ask for ID and the license to be sure that they are capable of handling a gas leak emergency. Don’t risk the safety and the safety of the people living in your home by hiring an unlicensed plumber just to save a few bucks.  Safety first!