If you are planning to purchase a new property or a new home in Perth, it is important that you have it inspected by a licensed building inspector in Perth. Never buy a building or a house without undergoing a pre-purchase inspection. It is a crucial step in buying a property. Like any other investments, purchasing a house can be risky but you minimize the risk by performing a thorough building inspection on the property. The main goal of the building inspection is to provide advice to a prospective buyer or other interested party regarding the condition of the property on the date and at the time of the inspection. The building inspection report is one of the most crucial documents you must when you are serious in buying the property.

So, what’s in the building inspection report? What you should expect on it? The building inspection report must contain the inspector’s findings. The Building Condition Inspection Report is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349.1 – 2007. The building inspector must include in the report the internal condition of the house or building which includes the wall linings, kitchen, windows, doors, floors, fittings, bathroom fixtures, tiled areas, cabinetry and hardware.

If accessible the report should also include the condition of sub-floor areas like foundation, sub-floor framing, ventilation and pipe-works. Some building inspectors may charge extra for this work if the sub-floor is not accessible.

The condition of the walls, ceiling and sub-floor insulation must also be included in the report. The report should also include the status of the roof including the roof framing, roof flashing, gutters and downpipes, eaves, fascia among others. The state of electrical wiring and other electrical items, plumbing and plumbing fixtures must also be included in the building inspection report.

The report must contain the truthful description of the condition of every part of the building being inspected. The building inspection report should contain the description of the structural defects and potential risks from future water damage, if there’s any. The building inspector must also confirm in the report if the building conforms to the building and environmental code.

Look for a professional building inspector Perth that can provide you an honest assessment of the property you wanted to buy. A reliable building inspection report can be a crucial determinant in getting a valuable asset or a messy liability.